Who We Are

The Advisory Board

Dr. Tom Lloyd is Chairman of the Advisory Board and is a professor of Public Health Sciences at the Penn State College of Medicine. His research interests include elucidation of lifestyle factors in childhood and adolescence which predict adult bone strength and use of mobile devices to improve outcomes for patients with heart failure. Dr. Lloyd was director of the Penn State Medical Student Research Program for 28 years, and Director of the Penn State Clinical Research Training Program, 1999 - 2010. He has developed multi-media teaching programs to help clinical investigators understand the importance of respect for research subjects and he has served as the Penn State GCRC Research Subject Advocate since 2004. He received his BA degree from Antioch College after spending one academic year abroad and his PhD from Harvard University.

Dr. David Cardozo is Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Professor of Neurobiology. Dr. Cardozo was the course director for the Human Nervous System and Behavior course for fifteen years during whch time he developed a novel system of teaching in small groups and co-authored Functional Neuroanatomy, a neuroanatomy text for medical students. He has taught in nine other medical and graduate courses and his laboratory studies the filum terminale of the spinal cord as a source for neural stem cells that may be used for the treatment of neurological disease. Before obtaining his PhD in Neuroscience at Harvard he served as sea-going officer and commander of patrol vessels in the Royal Canadian Navy and as a master of cargo vessels trading in the Caribbean Sea.

Dr. Ben Fredrick is Director of the Global Health Center at the Penn State College of Medicine, and associate professor of Family and Community Medicine. He has developed a unique four-year track in global health for medical students called the Global Health Scholars Program at the College of Medicine, and is personally involved in global health initiatives in Ghana and Haiti. He serves as faculty adviser to the student-run Global Health Interest Group, as well as assisting the Masters in Public Health degree program in developing global health opportunities.

Linda Monge is the former Dean of Instruction for Frontier Community College (FCC) in Fairfield, Illinois. She has been in education for 44 years which includes 35 years as a high school mathematics teacher before moving to FCC. As a high school Scholastic Bowl coach her teams had over 400 career wins, including five IHSA sectional championships and 4th in Class A State, 1997. She also led the high school mathematics team to nine consecutive state Top Ten finishes (2000-2009). At the community college level she led her college bowl team to a top 25 finish at their national competition in 2014. As Dean of Instruction Linda was responsible for all full-time and adjunct instructors for the college, and she updated and created courses and programs as needed for the community college. Currently, Linda is back in the classroom as a full-time mathematics faculty member at FCC. Linda has both a Master's in Secondary Education and a Master's in Secondary Education Administration.

Dr. F. Howard Schneider is trained as an organic chemist and pharmacologist. After an academic career as a neuropharmacologist at the University of Colorado and the Emory University School of Medicine he has been the CEO of several biotechnology companies. He has traveled extensively, conducted clinical research in several developing countries and believes strongly that college age students benefit by living and studying cultures outside their own country. He and his wife, Leslie, live in Portland, Oregon.

Role of the Advisory Board: The duties and responsibilities of the Advisory Board shall be to develop templates for (1.) the applications of institutions to use in making requesting for grants from the Foundation; (2.) for scholarship proposals of students to their respective colleges, and (3.) for student reports of their international experiences. The Advisory Board shall review written scholarship grant applications from qualified institutions on behalf of the trustee; and will submit their recommendations to the trustee for scholarship grant funding, taking into consideration the Mission Statement and Overall Concept of the Foundation

Advisory Committee

In addition to the Advisory Board the Foundation will from time to time call upon the expertise and advice of the following individuals:

Christopher Mardekian is an information technology professional in Baltimore, MD. He develops software and websites for businesses and organizations. Chris enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, canoeing, and playing tennis.

Sol M. Rodríguez-Colón is an epidemiologist in the department of Public Health Sciences at the Penn State College of Medicine. Her work includes studies of cardiovascular diseases, m metabolic syndrome, and elucidation of barriers to colorectal cancer screening among Hispanics in Pennsylvania. She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to mainland at 21 for specialized training in biomedical sciences. In 2006, she moved to Pennsylvania where she earned a Master’s of Science degree in Public Health from Penn State University. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She enjoys traveling and learning about other countries.